Who is he?

OK! So many of you have come across that I’ve talked a lot about Dylan Lloyd in recent days, and I’ve got a lot of questions about what’s the story here. Well, here we go…

Three years ago, I came across a song called “I’m Waiting” Sung by Nader Guirat and Dylan Lloyd. Actually, at that time I was searching for Nader, then I fell for Dylan’s voice and wanted to know more about who he was, so I searched him up. I then saved several of his songs and he suddenly became one of my favorite artists because he sang a lot about everyday life to the individual and about the situation in our world.

I came across one of his songs song two years ago, but did not find the lyrics on Google. That’s why I searched Dylan on Facebook and sent a message to him and asked to get the lyrics. Actually, I didn’t expect any response, but sent the message anyway, and after two minutes, a response from him came. I thanked him and I continued to listen to his music as any fan, without contacting him anymore.

A few weeks ago he added me on Facebook (!!!). Of course, I became excitedly happy and we now talk together every day (yes I have to boast, ’cause I feel lucky). Dylan, who was a regular artist I was a fan of, showed a very “down to earth” side and I therefore love him even more now. And also therefore I had to carry out an interview with him.

I’ve learned that everything is possible if you try hard enough and that everyone can fulfill their dreams no matter how difficult it might be. Thank you Dylan for opening my eyes these past days! 

Read the interview under the picture!


Dylan Lloyd


United States of America

Snap: dylanlloyd923 

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dylanlloyd1/


What did you dream about being when you were little? 

“Ever since I was little, I dreamt of being a famous singer. I dreamt of sharing my music with the entire world and singing in front of thousands of people. The fact that I’ve been able to share my music with the world and impact people positively, perform on television, and have multiple charting records on the iTunes Charts, have been the biggest blessings of my life. I thank God for every opportunity I’ve ever been given, and I feel incredibly lucky to be doing this.”


How did you look at the world and life when you were young? 

“As a child I looked at the world through an artistic lens. I would hear full compositions of new music in my head at the age of 5, and all the way up until I was 18 years old I would teach myself multiple instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I now play all of those instruments proficiently.  

During my childhood I submerged myself in the songs of Michael Jackson and Prince, they make up the foundation of my writing style.  I grew up in the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago known as “Englewood”, and was raised by my grandparents. My grandparents were strict but very loving and supportive, they didn’t allow me outside most of the time in fear that I could be hurt, or killed. It was during this time that I would learn piano day and night, and I would hone my songwriting craft. Overall, my view on the world as a child was very innocent and optimistic, but simultaneously very cautious.”


As you grow up, you realize that the world is sadly suffering from disease, war, evil and poverty. What event do you remember made you realize that the world is not as nice as you first tricked? 

“9/11…September 11, 2001 forever changed my entire perspective on the type of world I had been living in. For so many years I had grown up living in the bubble of my neighborhood protected by my grandparents. But for the first time ever, I came to the realization that my grandparents probably couldn’t save me from every single type of danger in the world…some dangers in life I would have to discern for myself and make the right decision to avoid them.”


Have you ever had a life-changing experience? 

“Absolutely, many many times. But the one particular moment that sticks out in my mind most was when I signed a music publishing deal. In the United States, music companies sign songwriters to deals called “Publishing Deals”. When I signed the publishing deal, it gave me all kinds of financial opportunities that have changed my life for the better, it’s what ultimately led me to doing an amazing collaboration with my friend Nader Guirat.”


We humans make mistakes and we usually learn from it. We also hope to be forgiven when we fail. Are you good at forgiving and giving new chances? 

“I forgive people, and I don’t hold grudges.  I pride myself in being able to do this, but I am also cautious. I think being cautious is a product of my upbringing. I am a very observant person, and I allow my feelings to guide every situation in life. If I feel that you are a great and genuine person, but you just simply made a mistake or we had a disagreement…I will always find it in my heart to forgive you and move forward to better the relationship. But if I feel like you’re not a good person from within, I’ll most likely distance myself from you and move forward in that respect.”


What error could you never forgive?

As a celebrity, one assumes a big part here in life. Man reaches out to many people and has a unique opportunity to promote a message. What is your message to the world? 

“I can never forgive racism. I can never forgive bigotry. I can never forgive the murdering of innocent men, women, and children by terrorist groups. There are things that I just don’t tolerate in life that are just evil…and the way I personally combat evil, is to publicly release music that is completely positive in every aspect.  For example, I just released a new music video for my song “You Probably Won’t Hear This Song on the Radio”, it has a powerful and beautiful message of love and unity but it also describes the problems of the world today. I explain that we can overcome hatred in our world if we let God guide us.”


Often young people experience stress, anxiety and depression. They look at celebrities like their heroes and think that celebrity life is hassle free. what do you say about that? And how do you usually handle heavy periods? 

“It’s a lot of pressure, mainly because the expectations are so high on every aspect of my career. But I’m able to balance the pressure out by injecting love from my fans into everything I do. My fans are so loving, and so wonderfully supportive of me, without their love and support, I would have quit the music industry a very very long time ago. My advice to anyone feeling anxiety, or pressure, or depression, is to constantly surround yourself around people that love you…like your family, or your friends.  Whatever religious beliefs you have…put yourself in the middle of your beliefs, and be at peace with what you believe in. Find your center, and put yourself in a place of holiness.”


Your opinion about what’s happening in the world now, and what do you think about using religion as an excuse to wars? Are you religious? How do you come along with people from different religions? 

“I am very religious, I was raised Catholic and I’m still Catholic to this day. Four different times in my life I have contemplated entering the seminary and eventually becoming a Catholic Priest. But each time I thought about becoming a priest, my love for music would intervene and I would  move forward with being a recording artist. So Christ and His teachings have always been the focal point of my life.

I respect all religions very much, and I respect everyone’s right to their own religious beliefs.  We are all one people on this planet, and attempts to say otherwise are attempts to divide us. We are in a world filled with people trying to take advantage of the beauties of religion in order to wage an unjustifiable war on the innocent. It’s inherently evil, and God sees their malintent. No matter what religion you follow…if you kill people and justify it under the banner of your religion…your not of true faith.  Religion doesn’t kill people. People kill people.  And those that harm the innocent…those that prey upon innocent children…those that lead tyrannical lives and are malicious in nature…they will answer to God. We as the human race, have to band together in peace and love, and make sure that no matter what prevailing evils are out there, we can always be ready to push back against it.”

All time favorite song? 

My all time favorite song is actually a Katy Perry song that’s called “Chained to the Rhythm”.  It’s a song of social commentary and it speaks to the very issue of what’s going on in our society today. I’ve always loved songs that talk about the world and global issues. It’s part of the reason why Michael Jackson is my favorite Singer-Songwriter of all time. His songs “Heal the World”, “Earth Song”, “They Don’t Care About Us”, “Black or White”, are all very socially conscious songs that ask us to band together as a people to fight injustice.”


What are your plans for the future, both in private life and music career? 

“My plans right now are to continue seeing my fans across the world, and to go on tour this fall in America. I also have many songs that are about to be released this year, which include a new collaboration with Nader Guirat.”


Say something to the norwegian people, please.

“Much love and respect to the people of Norway, I have ancestry from Norway, your country will always have a special place in my heart. My plans are to come there this year and meet with fans for the first time. God bless you all.”



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    1. Du er et fantastisk vesen og klokt forbilde <3
      Et spm jeg lurer på og vil gjerne høre med deg om. Får høre mange muslimske damer ikke kan gifte seg med ikke muslimer. Hva synes du om det? Og hva om det var deg? Kan du gifte deg med en ikke muslim? Må han konvertere? Hvorfor/hvorfor ikke?
      Håper på et svar <3

    2. ool:
      Noen mener det, og andre mener at muslimske kvinner kan gifte seg med menn fra kristendommen og jødedommen også.
      Jeg personlig ser etter mennesket, religion er mellom det mennesket og Gud, og ikke noe jeg dømmer. Men selvsagt vil jeg ha en som respekterer min tro og mine tanker 🙂

    3. Takker så for svar. Så han må ikke konvertere?! Men om en ikke gifter seg med en muslim, sies det at man blir straffet hardt. Tror du på det? Og vil familien din tillate deg det? Inshallah du finner/har funnet den rette ❤️

    4. Hvem som straffes og ikke får være opp til Gud.
      Min mor har alltid gjort alt for å gjøre meg glad, og hvis en slik mann ville gjort meg lykkelig, ville hun sikkert ikke sagt noe 🙂

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